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 We are currently looking for collectors to attend events to collect donations on our behalf, or shops and businesses who are looking for a local charity to support either long term, as their charity of the year or as a one-off collection or even to take a collection tin. We would also be grateful for businesses who are willing to help us out by donating their services free of charge to help us print posters, leaflets, tickets, sheets for events and advertising. We know this is a huge ask but it would help us out enormously by allowing us to put all of our funds towards building Jak’s Den. If you would be happy to sell our merchandising at your workplace to raise funds or take part in a sponsored event for Team Jak or even volunteer to help out at an official Team Jak event. However you would like to become involved your help would really be appreciated.

Monthly Giving

Set up a monthly standing order online or we can provide a mandate for you to contribute regularly to Team Jak to- 83-28-45, 14631846 and your name as ref.
Save your pennies- Pennies for Jak- look out for our April Facebook Challenge and save all your loose change in a tub or jar and pay it in monthly or whenever suits to Team Jak Bank Account or drop off at Jak’s Den Geddes House, Livingston.

Attend a Team Jak Event

Choose an event from our Fundraising Calendar of Events that you fancy coming to and book your place ASAP as places fill up fast. We have tried to make sure there is a good diversity of events and activities to hopefully provide something for everyone.

Purchase A Team Jak T-Shirt or Merchandise

Have a look at our online shop, place your order and pay online or visit Jak’s Den or look out for our stalls at various events throughout the year.

Organise you own Team Jak Event

Why not organise a bake or book sale? You could run a sponsored event – climb a mountain, run a marathon, abseil down a building and overcome your fears for a worthy cause? Coffee mornings, car washes, ladies nights, raffles. They all help to rack up the funds and can be as big or as small as you can make them. We would just ask that you register your event with us so we can keep track.

Schools and Colleges

Dress down days are an easy and popular way of raising funds for Team Jak and now we have our SCO number this should be easy to arrange with your Head Teacher.

Or why don’t you order some wristbands or pencils and go round classes selling them? We will deliver the merchandise and collection tins and collect at the end of your event also.

Concerts or other fun sponsored events are also fab ways of raising money and Jak’s School had fun doing a Buzz Off Cancer Hair Shave during Jak’s treatment.

S6 CHARITY COMMITTEES – Team Jak Needs You- Jak would have been going into 6th Year at the time of writing this and Jak’s Den will provide an amazing hub for everyone in the community of West Lothian and beyond. How amazing would it be if we got every High School 6th Year Charity Committee on board to do at least one event for Team Jak this year? Can you help?

Voluntary Organisations/Community Groups

Are you looking for a fresh challenge- watch this space as we have a very exciting Community Challenge coming up next year for you all to get involved in and raise money for Team Jak and if you want to raise money in between times even better through a sponsor event or ‘Bring a pound to club for Jak night,’ in fact whatever you feel is appropriate for your group.


Are you a local hotel or restaurant that would like to support your local community?

Why don’t you do a voluntary “Add a pound to your bill month for Team Jak” every year given Jak loved his eating out and takeaways and given we are planning to open the innovative Neutropenic café as part of Jak’s Den and his dreams for within.

Keep In Touch

Support us by continuing to follow us here on our regularly updated website and on Facebook at Jak’s Journey or Twitter @jaksjourney. Please like our posts and if there are funding opportunities that require votes please vote for us and share with your friends.




Visit our fundraising page and find out how you can help TeamJak reach our goals.

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