Registered Charity Number: SCO45586

The BIG Jak’s Den

The trustees met with our appointed architects CUBE from Linlithgow to discuss the next steps towards our BIG Jak’s Den. They along with our operational team are going to be very very busy expanding and tailoring our business and strategic plans, and appointing lots of different people to see the plans through. Currently we are doing a mapping exercise based on Jak’s plans and dreams on what will work, and what we need more of. We hope to speak to lots of the amazing families we are now privileged, although wish we didn’t have to for obvious reasons, work with and see what they think also. From there we need to raise as much money as we possibly can in order to progress our plans as quickly as is reasonably possible. We have proven in the last year there is a real need for the services we are providing especially with the emotional and social support side of things. We now need to engage as many people, businesses, schools, colleges and community groups as possible in order to raise our £3.3million as quickly as we can. If you are part of a company looking for a Charity of the Year please put us forward, or if you like socialising why not attend one of our Events and raise money for Team Jak and Jak’s Den whilst having a great time. View the video We can’t do it without you..... Can you help us?

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